Lavender is a type of purple coloured flower which can be usually found across the land based in the Southern areas of Europe, in certain parts of southwest Asia and southeast India.

Lavender is especially good for alleviating the symptoms of stress, especially the physiological manifestations of stress such as sweating. Essential oils derived from lavender flowers can be extracted by being distilled.

In some animal and clinical studies (Lopez et al., 2017), lavender essential oils used in clinical studies had antianxiety effects on mice in a laboratory. It was found that when lavender essential oils were used on the mice, it had anticonflict effects which was primarily attributed to the presence of linalool which is one of the many properties of lavender. The effects of inhaled linalool included reduced levels of anxiety, aggressiveness, social interaction, and the level of social interaction between the mice actually increased.

Lavender as an essential oil release a pleasant smelling aroma which can be enjoyed in the privacy of your own home, with family and friends.

It has also been documented that lavender is beneficial for use in people with depression and anxiety. Lavender can be used to treat anxiety disorders and related conditions. Lavender essential oil is good for decreasing one’s experience of restlessness and agitation.

Lavender and sleep

For those experiencing anxiety and agitation, or stress levels to the extent that one’s ability to sleep is being affected, then the application of lavender oil before bedtime every night can help alleviate insomnia.

The quality of sleep of individuals who experienced difficulty sleeping, with lower sleep quality (duration and quality of sleep), reported that their sleep quality was improved by the use of Lavender essential oil. It can also be used as a preventative measure for disturbed sleep. This is therefore not uncommon for lavender essence oil to be used in aromatherapy to induce a feeling of relaxation during massage or other beauty treatment.

A lavender scented candle, essential oils, massage oils, bath foam to make a relaxing bubble bath after a long stressful day can help you and your family achieve a sense of well-being. However, although lavender is relatively safe to use with most people, precautions must be taken for those with known allergies to lavender.

Though for short-term treatment, lavender essential oils, or lavender scented candles can be used to create a relaxing atmosphere in your home or private spaces of meaning. After all, the home is our sanctuary, and the stresses of the real world should be reduced to a minimum.

According to the European Journal of Integrative Medicine (2012), poor sleep quality affects a large proportion of the wider population is unable to get the quality of sleep they are looking for, and inadequate sleep over long periods of time can affect mood, neurocognitive function, performance and homeostasis. Studies have shown lavender oil to bring significant benefits in sleep outcomes; however it is worth noting that the long-term effects of continued use of lavender essence oil is still unknown, or whether sensitisation could occur over time.

Top benefits of lavender oil

  • It is a natural essential oil extracted from the lavender plant, its official name is Lavandula Officinalis Chaix.
  • Lavender oil has both antibacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Can be used to treat burns, stress, headaches, and can help soothe skin problems.

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