Rosehip oil – nature’s miracle, a natural essential oil for improving scars

Rosehip seed oil is a plant species that comes from the fruit of a wild plant. The plant can be found in areas such as Europe and South Africa. The oil is basically extracted from the seeds of the wild rose bush. Rosehip seed oil is made up of high amounts of different polyunsaturated fatty acid types, and can be broken down into oleic acid, linoleic and linolenic acid. Regular and consistent use of rosehip oil may be beneficial to healing scars because rosehip oil contains a large amount of essential fatty acids and unsaturated acids that is effective in promoting scar healing and facilitating cellular repair as these chemicals are able to permeable the skin.

In a comparison study of women with scars, they found that the women who applied the rosehip oil on their scars twice daily, after 12 weeks, the women noticed that their scar tissue appeared less red and inflamed, and their skin’s general surface appearance had improved.

A recent dermatological study in 2015, of women aged 35-65, compared the texture of the skin before and after application of rosehip oil. Many of the women had crow’s feet In another clinical trial of 108 patients who had post-surgery scars, the patients were separated into two groups. One group used the rosehip oil for a duration of 6-12 weeks, twice daily, whereas the control group did not use the oil. The main findings were that the patients who used the rosehip oil twice a day, a particular product called Rapavar showed significant improved skin texture and the overall appearance of the scar. Less discolouration of the scar was also found.

Rosehip oil is very versatile. It can be used for reducing wrinkles and keeping wrinkles at bay as well. Many of the women had crow’s feet (wrinkles on the corner of their eyes), and it was found that ingesting the rosehip tablets was effective after 5 weeks in helping to not only reduce the appearance of wrinkles making the crow’s feet less visible, softening them, but also had a positive cellular impact as blood tests revealed their erythrocyte (a red blood cell which contains haemoglobin, which helps give blood its red colour and helps blood cells transport oxygen) levels was higher. All of these studies show us good evidence that taking rosehip tablets can therefore help you stay young on the inside and out!

Top Tip

The best type of rosehip oils to go for are ones that are 100% pure and cold-pressed, for the best results.

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