Crucial differences between organic and non-organic ingredients in cosmetic products

What is organic farming and how is it different? How does it affect the ingredients used in kincare products?

Organic farming involves the growth of produce or food/vegetable ingredients on land that avoids the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators, livestock feed additives. The soil used to grow the produce are carefully monitored to ensure it is not spoiled through the use of biological or chemical components that affect whatever is grown in those soils. Usually soils that are required to yield high amounts of grown produce for the purpose of mass distribution in industries and first-world demands has led to many countries using chemicals and fertilizers to increase farm productivity.

However, the continued and long-term effects of eating or using non-organic, unnatural products on our bodies can result in health problems, as well as damage the environment, sometimes in irreversible ways.

Educated and more health-conscious consumers are more likely to be selective and tend to take more time to choose the products they use and ingest. Although organic products may be more expensive in the short=-term, your long-term health may be affected over time if you expose your body to chemicals over time.

Research shows that consumers who purchase organic and natural cosmetics are people who are usually educated, affluent and health conscious.