Practical ways to a healthier skincare routine

The best routine to help keep your skin at its best condition is the following approach. It involves consistently following a routine, a system, kind of like remembering to go to work 9-5, or to brush your teeth. Ready ladies (and men who now also want to look their best!). You can take the following steps to making a major difference to your skin’s condition.

  • Cleanser your face in the morning and before bedtime.
  • Use a decent toner to remove additional makeup which may still remain after cleansing, within pores.
  • Moisturise.

The type of cleanser you use for your face, to wash face, matters. It matters a lot because using normal soap bars, the kind you wash your hands and body with, can dry out your skin immensely. Experienced skin care experts are strong proponents of using moisturisers that contain an ingredient called retinoid, especially at night before bed to help cell renewal during your beauty sleep.

What is retinoid?

Skin experts have found that Retinoids are scientifically proven to target wrinkles and skin ageing. Retinoids are basically chemical compounds that contain Vitamin A. Skincare products that contain vitamin A are regarded as especially helpful in reducing wrinkles and rejuvenating the skin’s appearance. Research by dermatologists have also found supportive evidence that skin products containing Retinoids can be absorbed beyond the epidermis skin layer to the deeper levels. In a study conducted in 2015, two groups of women (120 in each group) were compared. One group women were given cream that contained retinol which they applied to their entire face for 3 months. The group did not use the cream.

The Results?

It was found that the women who used cream containing 0.2% Retinol helped to improve their skin dramatically. Their confidence levels soared as there was a visible reduction in the women’s wrinkles, pore sizes, and the reversal of overall skin that had been photodamaged, although individual results did vary. The women reported minimal adverse side effects. Want softer, smoother and youthful skin? These are some creams rated highly effective. The best thing is that retinol can be found in a cream, gel or oil form.